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At Elements the Beauty Salon Wrexham Gresford health and hygiene is very important that is why I use PhD Safe Wax and not a wax pot for all waxing.

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Due to Elements totally hygienic approach to waxing, you the client, can be sure you are having one of the best waxing treatments available.


A new applicator head is used for each client so the risk of adverse reactions occurring is minimal and the skin returns to normal more quickly than after other waxing systems.


~ Frequently asked questions ~


What about after waxing care?

After your wax you are advised to apply aftercare cream to the affected area and not to partake in any swimming, saunas or any physical activity where there is a chance your body temperature will be raised. For instance a gym class or running. To wear loose clothing over the waxed area for a while after waxing is also advised to prevent irritation.


Follow the above steps and you can have super smooth skin with no signs of any redness or nasty red bumps!


How long do my hairs need to be before waxing?

A good way to judge the length of the hairs is to see if they are lying flat against the skin. If they are still sticking upright then they are not ready and need to be left for another week or so.


Black and white image of a 1950s smiling girl on a beach in a bathing costume with beautiful hair free legs and underarmsWhen will I need to be waxed again?

As a rule its usually about four to six weeks but depends on each individual and how quickly your hair grows and how strong it is.


Will the hair growth ever stop?

The hair will never stop growing altogether. But over time it will slow down and the hair growth will be a lot finer and less obvious.


Does it hurt?

I'd be lying if I said no. The more you have waxing the less you feel it as to start with the hair growth is strong. But over time the hairs will become softer and finer so they become easier to remove. The skill and experience of the therapist will also play a part in a more comfortable waxing.


What are the alternatives to waxing?



Laser & Intense Pulsed Light - these methods can provide permanent hair removal, though I do see clients for waxing who tell me they have had laser hair removal.


Depilatory cream - where a chemical dissolves the hairs. Can cause skin irritation. Regrowth in a few days.


Shaving - not recommended on sensitive areas. Can cause cuts, abrasions and skin irritation.


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