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image of teal nail lacquer drip
image of teal nail lacquer drip

The Manicure and Pedicure nail treatments offered at Elements the Beauty Salon Wrexham Gresford look after and care for the natural nails as well as paying attention to the skin on the hands and feet.


We use our hands and feet everyday but if you stop and think we do very little to pamper them and give them a little care and attention that they so well deserve.


Looked after nails really put the finishing touch to any outfit whatever the occasion.

Nail beauty treatments are one of the most popular treatments proven by how many product choices there are available. Elements in Wrexham Gresford have two well known brands, Mavala and Shellac.


MAVALA Nail Polishimage of Mavala nail polishes bottles.

A professional quality long lasting nail polish with a wide range of beautiful nail colours (100 stocked) that are also, importantly, free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, formaldehydes, toluene, camphor, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metals. With Mavala, whether you are looking for an express treatment or something luxurious, you are guaranteed to want to show off your nails rather than hiding them away from view.


Mavala also offers an extensive range of nail hand and feet care accessories available to buy at the salon or from our online shop.


image of shellac nail polish bottles in focus, out of focus



Shellac Nails

Shellac is the most talked about nail product to be brought into beauty salons. Shellac stands miles apart from other products in the market with science and testing to back it up.


Shellac goes on like a polish, wears like a gel and is removed in minutes with no damage to the nail plate.


There is no drying time making it the perfect treatment for those busy clients who just don't have the time to sit and wait for polish to dry. It lasts for up to 2 weeks.



~ Frequently Asked Questions ~



How regular should I have a manicure and pedicure?

To keep the hands and feet looking their best treat yourself every four to six weeks. This will keep the skin soft and the nails short and neat.


What is the difference between the Treatment and Luxury manicure?

The luxury manicure involves the use of heated mitts before the manicure once the hands have been exfoliated. This is ideal if your hands are dry and in need of some care and attention. The Express manicure pays attention to hands, nails and cuticles. Perfect if your short on time or prefer shorter treatments. After both treatments the nails are painted with your chosen Mavala nail polish colour.


Do I get a manicure and pedicure with Shellac?

Before Shellac is applied the cuticles are pushed back and the nails are filed this ensures that the polish will go on smoothly and last for longer. Cuticle oil is applied at the end of the treatment.


How can I make nail polish last for longer?

The trick is to take the time to let them dry properly. Polish can take one to two hours to be fully dry and even then there's still a chance they might smudge. Do not put your nails in water for the rest of the day as the heat of the water can soften the polish up to four hours after. Make sure you apply your top coat everyday to prevent chipping.


An extensive range of nail care, hand cream and repair products are available at the salon or from our online shop.


How is Shellac different from other nail polish?

Shellac looks like and is applied in exactly the same way as a normal polish but because it is a mixture of gel and polish each layer is cured under a UV light making if very hard wearing and can last for up to two weeks. The fact that it dries instantly is a huge plus point so eliminates any smudging and chipping.


How is Shellac removed?

Shellac is removed by using special foil cotton pads which have a small amount of acetone added to the pad these are then wrapped around each nail with only the acetone pad in contact with the nail. After 15 minutes the foil is removed and the Shellac comes away easily from the nail without any rough treatment or filing.


This can be done yourself at home with one of our Shellac Removal Kits or can be done in the salon where the nail is treated and conditioned after removal of the Shellac.


What should I wear on my feet after a pedicure?

Sandals or flip flops are advised to be worn after the treatment and for the rest of the day to prevent the toe nails from smudging.



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