'If I was to have just one treatment in a salon, CACI would be it'


CACI treatments truly deliver visible and corrective results without the need for surgery or invasive procedures or needles and CACI is the original anti-ageing treatment which offers outstanding results and has many years of medical research behind it.


CACI Benefits


• Lifts and tones facial muscles

• Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles

• Increases blood and lymph circulation

• Enhances the penetration of skin care formulations

• Increases the production of collagen and elastin

• Increases protein synthesis and cell membrane transport

• Increases mitochondria activity and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production


CACI is the best, most effective way of holding back the natural ageing process that affects us all and being a non invasive beauty treatment makes it even better.


At Elements the Beauty Salon in Wrexham Gresford, in a darkened candle lit treatment room, every effort is made to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.


From the comfortable softly padded bed to the warming duvet and relaxing ambient music, you can lie back and relax whilst your skin is smoothed and massaged to soften away the effects of time.


Its fine to chat during the treatment but the calm invoked by this beauty treatment is so intense that it can be hard to not drift off into a comfortable, complete state of relaxation.


Most enjoyable.


therapist using caci to tone and lift facial musclesHow CACI Works


Micro current which was originally used to treat  facial palsy victims and is still used in physiotherapy treatment for pain control and in hospitals for wound healing.


Micro-current stimulation delivers tiny electrical impulses that mirror the body’s own natural bio electrical field. In most cases the treatment when skillfully applied is virtually sub-sensory - without feeling - with just a very slight tingling sensation.


Although a remarkable difference is seen after the first treatment, the benefits are cumulative and typically a course of treatments will provide optimum results.


Over time muscles loose their tone and elasticity, during the CACI treatment the muscles of the face and neck are stimulated, collagen and elastin levels are increased as is blood and lymph circulation giving the skin a renewed appearance - smooth well defined facial contours which feel and look firmer and tighter.


caci working on buttock area to lift and toneCelebrity followers


As testament to its benefits CACI has a huge celebrity following such as Lisa Snowdon, Martine McCutcheon, Barbara Windsor and Gillian Taylforth, to name just a few.


Over the years CACI has been regularly featured in numerous magazines and newspapers which continue to promote the outstanding results of the CACI non-surgical facial treatment.


Madonna and Jennifer Lopez love it so much they have bought their own machines.  However,  I feel a course of CACI treatments at Elements will suffice.



What is Super CACI?


This treatment, super CACI, is designed to give the muscles the maximum lift by concentrating on areas of concern. For example the eyes or jaw line. Longer than the original treatment each stage of the treatment is given more time and the super CACI concludes with a collagen infused mask to soften lines and wrinkles and hydrate the skin. Advised to have before a party or special occasion.


Elements the Beauty Salon,  9A Chester Road, Gresford, Wrexham, LL12 8NB  Appointments 01978 851 222 or Book Online

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